Easy Breeze Cooling Testimonials Highlights

“Air Conditioning Company And That Was Reliable And Honest”

“Hi, my name is Yehudis Stein, I’m a property manager here in North Miami Beach. I was in need of a good air conditioning company and that was reliable and honest. I happened to googled for North Miami Beach and found Harold. After the first phone call that I made to him there was just something about … I don’t know, I like the way he sounded and the knowledge that he gave me just over the phone before he even came to look at the job was something. They came out, installed this so quickly, clean up after themselves, and explained things to me that I didn’t really understand about how things work. You need anything, give me a call. Harold has my phone number. I’d be glad to speak with you. Thanks a lot.”


“Mr. Ewing Is A Great Technician. I’m Proud That I Called Them.”

“I called up Easy Breeze Cooling. They were promptly out here, very affordable, very hot as you can see. Sweating, but they got the AC working right now. It is nice and cold in there. Mr. Ewing is a great technician. I’m proud that I called them.
I was looking online, on the internet and I found Easy Breeze Cooling.”

— with Harold William Ewing II.

“I Appreciated How Quickly They Were Able To Come Out And Get My Unit Serviced.”

“It was terrific. I found Easy Breeze on the internet. Had a problem over the weekend. My master bedroom unit wasn’t cooling. I called them up and they came right out. Got the problem resolved. Got my unit back up and running. Prices were reasonable, they were fair. Really nice to deal with and I appreciated how quickly they were able to come out and get my unit serviced.”

— with Harold William Ewing II and Scott Goss.

Why Easy Breeze Cooling?

– Licensed (We’ll get the permit For Your Project – Peace of mind).
– Certified Air Conditioning Contractor License Info: CAC1818262

Easy Breeze Cooling | Harold Ewing II Certified Air Conditioning Contractor
Class A Certified Air Conditioning Contractor CAC1818262

– Insured and Bonded (Insurance Certificate Issued For All Projects).
– Worker’s Compensation.
– 100s of Solid References.
– 5+ years of experience in the Air Conditioning Industry.
– Florida Legal Corporation (FEI/EIN Number 27-3190307).
– Very Satisfied Clients.
– I will Supervise/execute each and every project. You can see the picture and videos from the me all over the web. We are completely accountable/responsible for every action we take.
– Warranty Services
Harold Ewing
Direct Phone Line: (561) 287-0583 (Owner)

Office Address:
Easy Breeze Cooling, Inc.
2601 NE 26Th Terrace
Boca Raton FL 33431

Web: www.EasyBreezeCooling.com

Here Are Just A Few of Top Quality Air Conditioning Services Provided by Easy Breeze Cooling, Inc.:

Appliance Services & Air Conditioning
We service all Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning Units and Compressors.
Here are a few of our services we provide.

New or/and Old Units
We honor all Manufactured Warranties
Duct Cleaning
Air Purification
Manufacture Plans
New Construction