Easy Breeze Cooling can service just about any unit out there.

Easy Breeze Cooling A/C Services

We have certified techs that can take care of every possible problem that occurs and we can do it in a timely manner.

You can see a lot of the videos that we post. We’re going to have pictures and jobs that we’ve done and customers that will explain to you the service that we’ve provided for them in the past and how they were satisfied.

If you’re having an air conditioning problem, we know that other companies are very busy out there and we pride ourselves on scheduling and getting out as soon as possible, and providing a quick turn around for you and getting you back up and running and cooling again. At Easy Breeze Cooling we make it easy breezy for you so give us a call.

Harold Ewing
Harold Ewing (Owner)
Direct Line and Text: (561) 667-2389