Booking AC Checkups in South Florida

Is it time for an AC checkup in your home or office? With cooling being so essential in South Florida, it is necessary that your HVAC systems are always well maintained. AC systems are subjected to near continuous use in demanding conditions. Inevitably, parts can degrade or break down completely, and this can mean a unit that is inefficient, or maybe not functioning at all. If you need AC checkups in your home or office, then it’s time to call professionals in, for a comprehensive AC diagnostic service that will get you up and running again.

What Can Go Wrong With an Air Conditioning System?

Whether you have a packaged unit, a mini-split system, or any kind of HVAC installation, there are a number of common problems that you could experience. These problems are always inconvenient, and you shouldn’t have to live with them. Professional technicians from Easy Breeze Cooling can come to your home or place of business, and troubleshoot all of the most common air conditioner problems, and even the ones that you might not have heard of!

AC Checkups can help to resolve:

Cooling Problems Relating to Refrigerant Leaks – While some companies will simply top up your unit, only to have it leak in the future, we will repair a leak, replace the refrigerant, and perform AC diagnostic tests to ensure that the unit is in complete working order.

Sensor Problems – These problems can mean that your unit doesn’t cool properly, that it cools too much, or it may even shut off at random intervals. A malfunctioning or displaced sensor could mean that your AC unit is using more energy than it should, and we can resolve sensor issues on all of the major brands in Florida.

Poor Maintenance – If your air conditioning unit hasn’t been maintained, it can cause all sorts of problems in a home or office. Degraded air quality, reduced air flow, odors, and reduced cooling ability, are just some of the problems that we can solve with AC checkups and maintenance. We even provide complete duct cleaning for centralized installations, helping to provide you with the freshest air and most efficient unit possible.

Draining Problems in Condenser Units – Drainage problems can clog up an outdoor unit, and cause electrical problems, corrosion, or other issues with the unit. We can check for the blockages and buildup that can develop over time.

All of these common problems can be resolved with a simple service visit, and all you need to do is call to arrange an appointment.

Choose Florida’s Best Technicians

If you want the best AC checkups, you will need to choose the best service company. At Easy Breeze Cooling, we take pride in the exceptional service that we deliver. We can be flexible for your needs, meaning that you won’t have to bend over backwards to meet our schedule, and when we are in your home or office, we will be polite and courteous, minimizing the interruption caused by AC diagnostics and maintenance.

Don’t delay when you notice problems with your air conditioning unit. A minor problem could quickly turn into a problem that is costly and inconvenient. Talk to us today to organize AC checkups, and we can even plan a regular maintenance schedule with you. Keeping your AC system in good condition will protect your investment, and ensure that your home or office is always cool and comfortable.

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