Duct Cleaning for Your HVAC System

Whether you have a home air conditioning solution, or even a large commercial ducted HVAC system, there’s one thing that remains true – cleaning your ducts, vents, and filters, is an absolute necessity. Duct cleaning is not just about maintaining the efficiency of any installation, but will also ensure that air quality is high in interior spaces. Knowing why you need cleaning, and how often you need it, will help you to make the right decisions for your home or business.

Duct Cleaning for Healthful Environments

Air quality is something that most people wouldn’t want to compromise on, however, many would be surprised by how bad the air is that comes from their HVAC vents, or even directly from split type inverters or home central air conditioners. A/C services can provide comprehensive cleaning services, and they’re especially important in locations like South Florida. In addition to the typical dust and debris that can build up in air condition ducts, there is also the risk of insects and other critters finding their way into ducted systems. This could lead to pest problems when regular cleaning is not performed.

Nicotine can be another problem with ducted systems. Cigarette smoke can work its way through vents, leaving unpleasant odors that circulate throughout the entire system. Over time, nicotine and tar can build up on filters and on duct lining, meaning that the air quality is compromised, even long after any smoke has passed through the system. Professional cleaning will remove buildup and cigarette smoke odors.

At certain times of the year, pollen and other allergens can build up in air conditioning ducts, and filters may not be able to contain all of the contaminants. Bacteria, mold, and mildew, can all multiply when ducts and filters aren’t maintained. Even if the filters do trap debris and small particles, you will lose efficiency of your main air conditioning unit. This means that the unit will have to work harder to maintain your desired temperatures, which can lead to increased energy costs, or shorter service life of the unit.

The Easy Breeze Cooling qualified A/C services teams can clean out even the largest installations, including duct cleaning, filter cleaning, and cleaning around the main air conditioning unit. When indoor, outdoor, and ducting lines are all clear of dust, debris, and foreign objects, you will end up with a highly efficient HVAC system with air quality that is just as good as when the unit was first installed.

How Regularly Should you Avail A/C Services?

For some homes and businesses, duct cleaning will only need to be performed every 2 – 5 years, but it can be difficult to give an accurate timeframe for every situation. There are various factors that can contribute to your regular cleaning schedule, including the area where your building is located, the type of environment around the building, and even how often the air conditioner is running each day. One way to identify whether cleaning is necessary, is to take a look at removable filters, and vents. Filters that are caked with dust are in need of cleaning, but this is not necessarily an indicator of the condition of the ducts. However, if vents show signs of releasing dust, grime, and other debris, then that would be a strong indicator that it is time for a cleaning services. Dark streaks and grime around ducts mean that filters are no longer doing their jobs, and that the ducts could be excessively dirty, compromising air quality and A/C functioning.

If you haven’t had duct cleaning for some time, then it is worth having an inspection from a reputable A/C services company. In this way, you can check the state of all of your equipment, and a technician will be able to plan a service schedule to ensure that your ducts and HVAC systems are always cleaned and maintained, allowing for an air conditioning system that is always ready to meet your demands when it comes to heating, cooling, and safe, clean air.

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